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Any support for Llano Laptops?

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Hi guys! Picked myself up a new laptop, specifically an Acer Aspire 5560-sb613. Here are my specs:


Amd A8-3500m

Radeon HD 6620G

Amd A60M FCH

4gb RAM

500gb 5400rpm SATA HD

Synaptics Touchpad

Broadcom 43xx WIFI (I think? Not sure on that one..)


The BIOS has built in, really crappy EFI. That's one of my concerns, and I don't want my motherboard EFI to get messed up by OSX.


So, does anyone know what method to use/what KEXTs to use, etc? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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I installed mavericks os x on a similar setup notebook Pavilion G6 A8 3500M 1.5GHz (GPU 6620G) 6GB DDR3 750GB HD.I got most things working except i some times get glitches from the video playback or when in desktop have not tested it with games or other graphical heavy applications.I am still looking for a gpu support my self.

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