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FractalX R3 Mod


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Hi Guys, just though I would show of my latest BF3 / Hackintosh Machine -


If you like it then vote for me :)




i7 920 @ 4,2ghz

Asus P6T-SE Motherboard

20gb DD3 1600mhz RipjawsX

Nvidia GTX 480 1536mb overclocked in the bios to 850mhz

120gb Corsair Force3 (100gb for lion and 20gb for BF3)

1TB 7200rpm Samsung for backup and stockage

320gb 7200rpm Samsung for Windows

Corsair H100 modded with Noctua Fans for silent cooling

Gpu Cooled by a ThermalRight Shaman and optional Vrm Heatsink with noctua fan

HX650W Power Supply

Fractal Design R3 ATX Case modded for H100




















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Never thought I'd see a rig with Noctua fans that actually looked good together. I guess shoving so many of the same color scheme fans together makes it look less noticeable than my NH-D14 that sticks out like a sore thumb in my case. Solid build though I like it and I just notice it runs without a side door for more air? =o


Also love the Britain box it sits upon although I think your Queen would frown upon a box of sheet metal sitting on top of her flag. :P

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Dude, I love your camera, those shots look like they were clipped from a magazine! Of course I like your build too, great job all around, from the built to the pics to the uploading there of...All done well!


p.s. Is your 920's stepping a D0 or a C0?

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Thanks for the replies guys, glad you like it..... The side door is off just for the photos... The 920 is a d0 stepping and I can get it 24/7 at 4.5ghz stable apart from in the summer months where outside temps are reguarly above 40c.The walpaper is from mountain lion stock wallpaper. I love the noctua fans, at full speed they are barely audible and have much better airflow than the stock corsair fans...

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