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Youtube Problem (flash video playback freezing)

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Hello to all of you!


I have sucssesfully install Hazards Snow Leopard today and updated to 10.6.8 using Legacy kernel for 10.6.8.


Everything works great including games and HD video playback in vlc, the only problem i face is video playback in flash (youtube, dailymotion etc) freezes every 2-3 seconds, if i play youtube videos with html5 everything works great!


problem occours on both chrome and safari!



my build:

Asus M2N-SLI

AMD X2 6000+

nVidia GeForce 9600GT





Just to add: Flash in safari is updated to last one, and in chrome the included one with latest chrome.

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What about running Safari in 32-bit mode?

That did the trick for me as I had a similar issue with flash and video playback in Safari on 10.6.8 on my AMD machine (same cpu ^^, but MSI board).

Are you using GraphicsEnabler=Yes, NVEnabler.kext or ATYInit.kext? I had some issues with GraphicsEnabler. Video was

juddering on my 8600 GT, i then used NVEnabler or ATYInit. Both worked fine for me and fixed my video issues. I had some issues too when i moved a window. The content in the windows freezed.


assoricks :-)

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i cant see any 32bit option so i think my computer runs in 32bit mode (i think because of the nforceata.kext)

im using nvenabler.kext

i dont have any other issues with my video performance, for example i play CS:Souce and Batman: Arkham Asylum without a glitch!


so i think the problem is on flash player only! any other idea?


thanks for reply!


Also some Flash games i tried in FB run very well!

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Have you done patching yet? ; http://www.osx86.net/desktops/14304-guide-use-more-than-4gb-ram-amd-32-64-bit-apps-working.html

Most of the issues i had were fixed by patching some system files. (I use 64-bit mode aka "-force64")

I would suggest to backup your files before doing that. I don't think it harms your system, but just in case ;-)

Maybe this could also help you : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253773


Btw. you can easily check if you're on 32 or 64-bit. Open "Activity Monitor" and have a look on the right side. Does it say "Intel (64 bit)" or just "Intel"?


Greetings : assoricks :-)

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i dont think i can run in 64bit because AppleNForceATA.kext is 32bit only, whenever i try to boot in 64bit mode it load superVIAATA.kext and i get still waiting for root device! any other suggestion besides 64bit?


(im on 32 bit, i run uname -a and it says kernel i386)

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64-Bit mode on AMD isn't good. You can't run 32-bit apps on it. Boot with "arch=i386 -force64". System itself runs on 32-bit, but you're able to run 64-bit apps. You'll probably have to run Safari in 32-bit mode.




EDIT: And you don't need 64-bit compatible drivers too ;-)

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