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ML DP4 Quadro 5000 = Black Screen

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when trying to install/boot Mountain Lion DP4 I get a Black Screen ( Displays go to standby) when loading the nvdagf100hal.kext.

After deleting that kext i can install and boot ML and the card will be correctly recognized as a quadro 5000. So the problem must be the driver itself.

GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No doesn't solve the problem.


Is there any known solution for this problem? Lion 10.7.4 works perfectly wi QE/CI.


Greetings from Germany,



Edit: I just solved it: the "info.plist" was missing in nvdagf100hal.kext. So i copied the one of the nvidia driver download and it worked. Curiosly the info.plist from the 10.7.4 version didn't work.


--> Full QE/CI and Resolution support now. Also maybe 5% performance increase compared to 10.7.4

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I have Nvidia Quadro 4000 Mac card.

I have some questions, I hope you can help me.

Do you use PC or Mac edition of your card?

Do you use one ore two monitor?

Do you changed anything else in chameleon.boot.org / GeForce driver under Montain Lion.

I added EFI and NVCAP strings in chameleon, after I get full resolution and 2 working output.

But, if I connect my second VGA monitor to DVI, then I hear my card FAN is going higher speed, and the output is very hot.

(I hear this under Lion 10.7.4 too.)

Everything is working, but I don't think it is normal.

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There's only a PC version of the quadro 5000.

I have 2 Monitor via DVI and DP.

No i didn't. Just GraphicsEnabler=Yes and the info.plit mentioned above.

Some said, that with his quadro 5000 he can only use this configuration (DVI + DP). DP + DP are not working because the quadro 4000 has only DVI and DP?!

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I got lots of adapters from PNY:




Whit these adapters I can change my monitors on outputs, but I think I need to buy DP monitor for direct connection.

Two version is out from Quadro 4000. The PC has 3 output (2xDP+1DVI) and the MAC version of the card has 2 output (1DP+1DVI)


Did you tried LuxMark_v2.0_OSXIntel64 benchmark?

I get 3443 score on Luxball scene.

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