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- ASUS p5K

- Intel Q9400

- 4 GB DDR2

- ATI AMD 6850














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and the minimum 10 photos are being uploaded any time now? Be interesting to see how your skeleton came out.

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Very promising. But I'd like to see the photos uploaded properly.


Yes, I'm with Aless, as I would love to vote for this mod. Please re-upload the pics another way so they can be viewed. You've got a real nice setup... :)

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If I can I would like to vote for this mod also for the month of July, because I like non-conventional build, and this one is very strange and nice, so...




very impressive build, congratulations Bergoulle :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:

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Go OpenX, go...!!!


I don't like conventional cases , they are so boring... square... obsolete... i hope new ideas will come here at MacMods to bring fresh air in this world of modding, especially with self-made cases, which you can give it the shape and the style that you have in mind. It's more difficult than just assembling components and maybe more expensive, it can take a lot of time to write down a project, develope the metodologies of construction, resolve the issues related to heat, dimensions and mechanical assembly, but to reach the final aim is a great satisfaction, and you learn many "how-to's".

I am just thinking of building another but I still have no idea, this time i have standard ATX board and psu so the case should be not so small...

Time to make me inspire...

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