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boot0: done problem with Asus X53S (K53S)


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Hey guys,


So I have been trying to get mac and windows 7 dual boot on this asus laptop for months now. As of now I do have both properly installed (using iAtkos L2). A huge problem i am running in to though is with my boot.

When i start the laptop all i see is:


boot0: done


Thats it, nothing more nothing less. I have tried installing boot1h through terminal from the DVD, I have tried to run ###### and try to reinstall chameleon. I have even reinstalled lion trying both chimera and chameleon. All give me the same problem and I can't seem to get it past this point. :/

As a last resort, Ive come here again lol

What can i do at this point? Thanks for your help guys!

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