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Since the outer "C" shell of my my G5 enclosure was in bad shape (eBay seller wasn't entirely honest), I hired a friend of InsanelyMac's own AlohaCab to re-anodize and bead blast it to give it a new, clean look. Unfortunately, the acids he's using in the process will damage the grey Apple logo on that side. Because of that, I just asked him to remove any evidence that it was there in the hope that I could later re-create that logo. I still have the logo on the removable side panel, so I'm thinking I can use that as a template for size/positioning when getting a new logo on the other side, but I'm not sure where I should look for someone that can provide this service to me. Does anyone here have any ideas where I should look in order to get a quality, perfect/near perfect (looks original when standing a couple feet away) logo applied to my enclosure? I've done as much as I possibly can by myself, but the detailed cosmetic work requires a lot of equipment and know-how that just aren't within my reach as a garage hobbyist. I've basically completed my G5 mod at this point, getting a new logo applied to that side would basically be the icing on the cake for me in this project.

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Doppelheim, I am not affiliated with G5Mods.com and the anodized cases. Sorry. That was an idea created by a friend of mine and my cables are still *only* for sale directly through PM or email. Hopefully you can still get the decals and case re-anodized by him and his G5Mods.com company.



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