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can i run these things (hdd and gpu)


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i have two evga 9800gt 1gb cards and will i be able to run it on 10.6.8 or even lion



and for hdd which brand will give me the least errors cause right now i tried to install 10.6.3 on amd system and i got the boot error when booting without ModCd and i had a WD green serise or Hitachi (cant remember cause i have 10hdds in my pc)

so which Hdd will give me the least problems and could this be casued by SATA III connector becasue all my HDDs are SATA3 and where can i find a good hdd under $70 which is at least 500gb and 7200rpm

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Only SATA IV hdd's work with Lion and they can only be purchased through me.


I think you mean SATA II (3.0gbs). SATA III is a 6gbs connection, there are no motherboards that only have SATA III connections, and only the newest generation of SSD drives can take advantage of the additional bandwith. There are a handful of SATA III HDDs on the market and it's just marketing to get people to buy them, SATA III 7200 rpm drive is no faster than a SATA II 7200 rpm drive because it spins at 7200 rpm, even 10,000 rpm drive like velociraptor would not be faster as a SATA III drive. Anyway, your HDDs and graphics card can run osx fine, have no idea about the other more important parts of your hardware though.

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