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10.6.8 Acer Aspire A150 Audio and Airplay?

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After several days of trying almost everything I could find I have an almost working system.


I used the Acer because it was lying around not being used and was glad to find that there were lots of guides for this PC on this forum and others. So first off thanks to all who shared their experience it has really helped me to get this far.


I have only 2 remaining issues, the first being the audio, I have tried everything that I can find in the various guides but to no avail. I have a volume control that is greyed out on the menu bar and the system profiler shows info for "Intel High Definition Audio" but in system preferences it shows "no output device found".


The other issue is that, although my wifi is working fine (dell wifi card fitted) and I am typing this on it now, I can not see the Acer from anywhere else on my network?


I would like to now explain what steps I took to get to this stage but I have already forgotten what worked and what didn't. So here is what I can remember.


1.Made a bootable USB with 10.6.0 Retail, Chameleon, and some recommended kexts.

2.Installed this following some of the online guides.

3.Downloaded the 10.6.8 combo update from apple.

4.Installed 10.6.8 following this guide http://computersoftw...ne-part-17.html


http://prasys.info/2...nd-intel-atoms/(thanks) I used Chameleon instead of NI.

5.Followed this guide http://www.insanelym...pic=210660&st=0 to fix graphics problems (Thanks guys, it took me a while to find this but was well worth it)

6.Disscovered DSDT editor while completing the graphics fix, so used this to read and fix some errors in my DSDT.


So back to the audio issue, I have tried several suggestions involving various *HDA kexts but always find that I get double kernel panic on reboot or it reboots but hasn't fixed the problem.


I have had to restore from a backup twice now so I am looking for some pointers.

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