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Keyboard problems


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I'm very happy Hackintosh OSX Lion 10.7.4 user :) Well, I was until I've discovered that I can't type "<" or ">" (without quotes :D).

I am from Croatia so I'm using Croatian keyboard layout. The problem is that my keyboard doesn't have that <> key (right next to the left shift). There is picture of my keyboard:


And because I am using Croatian keyboard layout, SHIFT + . or SHIFT + , doesn't give > or <, they give : and ; (that's default for Croatian layout).

Is there any other way (except changing the keyboard) to type < and > characters?

I've noticed when I press Option (alt) + . or , I get ≥ or ≤. I don't need this characters, so is there a way to rebind these keys to < and >?


Thanks :)

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