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First build, lost and confused


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Ok, the first website I ran across for the hackintosh project was one, the only, (you guessed it) Mac & Cheese.There were a couple helpful fellows but coming here has made me think differently about that site.


Let me tell you a little bit about me, I am a slightly above average computer user (and average I don't mean I check facebook daily and know how to update my iPod). Not so experienced in Mac products (dead in the water).


My setup:

ASRock Extreme7 Gen3

Intel i7 2600k

Corsair 32gb DDR3 1600

2 TB Western Digital HDD

Lite-On 12x Blu-ray Burner with Blu-ray 3D

1000w Cooler Master Silent Pro

Intel 3000 Graphics via HDMI (after all that money couldn't afford good graphic card :D )


Ok, so someone over at Mac & Cheese patched me a bios (see Z68-Extreme7-Gen3-210_modified.zip) this was apparently to take care of some power issues.


After using Mac & Cheese products I successfully installed OS X 10.7.4 via Install Application from the app store but trying to use their multiwimp program to patch boot-loaders and etc, the boot-loader worked, OS X stopped booting.


Now, I am here to seek help and a fresh start. Honestly, I have no clue how to make DSDT, or install kexts, etc. Any kick in the correct direction or any assistance would be amazing.


What I am trying to achieve is (if possible):

Integrated Intel graphics and sound support (possibly updating the GPU in the future)

USB 3.0 Support (doesn't have to be usb 3.0 speed I just want them to work haha)

LAN support (if not I have a wireless USB dongle and I am ok with that)



That isn't too much to ask for right?


Thanks everyone!


Z68 Extreme7 Gen3(2.10)ROM (1).zip

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I would suggest Digital Dreamer's script as your prime starting point. He has a long thread in the Tutorials section. The script and procedure is contained in the first post on the first page of that thread. Begin with a bootable USB for installing LIon.


You will probably only need FakeSMC and AppleRTC kexts to boot. To get audio to work you will likely need the ALC88xxHDA and AppleHDA (rollback) kexts (the AppleHDA kext is the audio kext from 10.6.2, commonly referred to as 'rollback') - google for these. Ethernet should be solved using the RealtekRTL88xx.kext in DD's script (located in Networking/Repository). The AppleHDA and Ethernet kexts will need to be in S/L/E (System/Library/Extensions), all others can be in Extra/Extensions. DD has sample boot.plist and Simbios files in his script which should be useable to start. Ethernetbuiltin=yes needs to be in the boot.plist to share and connect with the Appsstore. I suggest using Champlist to create a Simbios that closely matches your particular CPU. Google for a DSDT for your MB and bios version, I would revert to a 'standard' bios from the board manufacturer.


I doubt you will find the on-cpu video satisfactory. An Nvidia 9500GT or ATI5770 will work with the newer bootloaders that work with Lion (Graphicsenabler=Yes in the boot.plist) and will not put a big strain on the pocketbook.

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Personally I would advise against using a script.


Learn to do things manually, that way you know exactly what is going on.


At the most you should need:

Chameleon Wizard - A good tool for installing and uploading your boot loaders, it can also generate smbios.plists and org.chameleon.Boot.plists.

Kext Wizard - A good tool for rebuilding caches and repairing permissions once you have installed, removed or modified any kexts.


Check out the FAQ section, a lot of what you are asking is covered in there.

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