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Port-Multiplier/FIS Not Working on Any Chipset [fixed]

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Hi all,


I recently purchased a 4-bay enclosure (http://www.amazon.co...oBox-Drive-Encl ... B002UUPWP6) and was using it on a MacBook Pro for a while. Now I'm home and am trying to get it working on my hackintosh.


I bought a Startech 2-Port eSata PCI Controller with the Marvell 88SE9128 chipset (http://www.amazon.co.../product/B003GS ... 00_s00_i00), and when I plug in my enclosure, only the first of the four drives shows up. The card is advertised as being Port-Multiplier/FIS compatable, but that doesn't seem to be working.


My mobo is GA-X58A-UD3R and word is that some of the onboard esata ports will support port-multiplying as well. But no joy here either.


It seems to be a BIOS thing, because only the first drive is listed in the POST in all situations.


I'd be happy getting port multiplying working in any way possible. Any ideas? Much appreciated!

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What an idiot I am. Ready to buy a new motherboard if need be, and I find the solution is as simple as plugging in the hard drives.


Hard drives 2-4 in my enclosure became dislodged. It displayed the same symptoms as a non-functioning port-multiplier (only the first drive being shown.)


Let this be a lesson in stupidity.

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