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Change VRAM size for VMware SVGA video adapter in VMware Workstation 8

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Try change svga.autodetect = "FALSE" and use all this value:


svga.vramSize = "16777216" #VRAM 16MB

svga.vramSize = "33554432" #VRAM 32MB

svga.vramSize = "67108864" #VRAM 64MB

svga.vramSize = "134217728" #VRAM 128MB

svga.vramSize = "268435456" #VRAM 256MB

svga.vramSize = "536870912" #VRAM 512MB

work only 16-128MB. Host have x7970 with 3072 MB, video memory. Don't work, only 128MB maximum.

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only 128 MB after runing VM it's automaticaly change to

svga.autodetect = "FALSE"

svga.vramSize = "134217728"

Any suggestions?


That's the maximum you can assign to the VRAM.

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