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Secondary Recovery Partition

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What tools can I use to resize and create a secondary HFSJ partition to install a secondary copy of Lion on? From what I can tell, Apple's GUI Disk Utility wants to reformat my entire drive to simply create a secondary partition. I've been looking at the terminal commands a bit, and I'm guessing there are some commands I can use to make this happen.


To provide a bit of history, I have been running Hackintosh as of when I got my Sabertooth x58 board with an i7-950 processor a couple years ago. From what I read at the time, my hardware seemed quite compatible. I dove right in and I had successfully installed and booted Lion 10.7.2. Upgrading to 10.7.3 was not a big deal. But 10.7.4 caused me a little more troubles. So far, I had been fine using my Lion 10.7.2 installer USB stick as a form of recovery, but 10.7.4 ended up requiring me to downgrade a kext to get it booting again. I ended up using my Windows 7 install with Macdrive to aid in copying over kexts, but I have realized it would be a lot easier if I had a secondary Lion install to fall back to.


I apologize if this belongs in another section, but I figured this one would fit the best as I do have a working installation.

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If the drive is formatted as GUID, it is resizable. If it is MBR, it might be resizable with GPARTED or some Windows utility.


To resize the partition in Disk Utility, click on the hard drive icon in the left pane. In the right pane, click on the Partition tab. In the bottom right of the partition map should be 3 light diagonal lines. If they aren't there, it isn't resizable.


Click in the rectangular partition map, and then on the bottom left of the map, click on the [+] button. You should now have 2 partitions. Click on the 1st one and set a size. Click on the 2nd one and set a size, name and format. Then click on the Apply button.

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Thanks for the information, the drive is GUID based (Windows 7 is on a secondary physical drive). I thought I poked around, I saw I could resize my partition, but I wasn't super clear how to create a secondary without it looking like it would reformat everything. I'll take a deeper look at Disk Utility once I'm back in front of my x58 computer.

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