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First Hackintosh Build


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i am a new in the hackintosh world so i am here ;)


I read a lot of infirmation about so i just want some help :P


here is my components :


Asus Maximus IV Gen-z

I7 2600K

4X4 Corsair Vengence

Gtx 480

Asus Xonar ( i think its not supported)

wifi tpink wdn4800


I want to instal mac os lion i have a dmg file from the appstore its the version 10.7.2


So i do it with ###### but when i boot a my keyboard and mouse dosen't work so i cant install mac os .


Sorry for my bad english

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i try all this settings but now i have a interdiction panel i cant boot to the installation screen help please :angel_not:

What is "interdiction panel"?


Regardless (EHCI handoff=disabled) (usb 2.0[high-speed]=enabled) (usb legacy=enabled) (usb mouse and keyboard=enabled) (usb 3.0[super-speed]=Don't matter, but don't plug anything into it for now cause it won't work)


at chameleon boot menu add: USBBusFix=Yes -v

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