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Chinese App Store

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Anyone have any experience submitting "politically sensitive" information to the App Store? I submitted an app for fun to the Windows Marketplace last week but it was rejected for breaking section 3.10:

Content that is offensive in any country/region to which your application is targeted is not allowed. Content may be considered offensive in certain countries/regions because of local laws or cultural norms. Examples of potentially offensive content in certain countries/regions include, but are not limited to, the following:

- People in revealing clothing or sexually suggestive poses

- Religious references

- Alcohol references

- Sexual or bathroom humor

- Simulated or actual gambling

Their comment said:

The application contains sensitive political content and includes countries listed in Group 1 (China) within Application Certification Requirement 3.10 in its targeted distribution.

The only thing I can think of is listing Taiwan as a country... Anyways I've resubmitted excluding the Chinese marketplace, so hopefully all goes well.


The iPhone version is nearly complete, just a few minor bugs left. I'm considering leaving out the Chinese market to make sure it is accepted, but can't decide if there is another way of making it acceptable?

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Sup iPoco, and I ran into those issues on some apps that I've made that fell on the lines of what we'd call entertainment but apparently to the Chinese market it was breaking good ol section 3.10 for reason I couldn't tell because 3.10 is so broad. I in no way discriminate or like to leave them in the dark like that but that one section majority of the time always presents an issue stopping me from publishing an app unless I exclude them from it. My assumption is their high censorship like laws which forbid the little things that you, I, and other devs take for granted.


The only apps that I've had that successfully passed under their "terms" were more business oriented which didn't really consist of anything that could really be found offensive. I actually spent sometime trying to find a good solution to it but in the end gave up since I had an app due date for it's initial 1.0 release.


When you're fun little App hits the App Store do let me know so I can test drive it out. :P


Good luck with the acceptance stage, it's always a b*tch but once you get past it you're golden.

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It's strange really, the only "politically offensive" content is a list of countries. Don't see how that could offend someone, but then again the Chinese don't officially recognize some people's sovereignty. I'm just going to exclude them for the moment because I'm not too concerned about the Chinese market.


Oh I know that ;). Don't ever restrict the iPad orientation or have more than one popover visible at once :rolleyes:.

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