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Advice wanted on how to lay out text and images upon a page..

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I'm working on an iPad app that will use a SplitViewController with a Master and Details views on the left and right. The app is purely educational for a certain professional niche and I was wondering how would be the best way to lay out the text and images on a page? I was thinking of either using an uiwebview and html, or photoshop each page into a png with the text already laid out along each image. That way all I would have to do is load each imageview into a scrollview and I'll be done. Not sure how heavy the app will get though that way but at least I'll have the most control over the format. For that matter it would be cool if I could embed a video in there as well but still learning on how to accomplish that. Shouldnt be too hard..



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Well for starters you have to ask yourself will you be pulling images or vids from the Internet in your app? Also the layout will be highly dependent on how you want your content to flow but generally if it's images heavy, I'd suggest using Table Views as they work wonders when displaying multiple images across a page for beginners. Table views start off simple but can you can get a lot more in depth with it from a creative and programmatic standpoint as well. Take the Pulse app for example (I'm assuming you know what it is), they creators came from Stanford Uni and they started out with simple table views and took a more design oriented approach at it and got a much better end result.


Remember start with the basics which is functionality then on to the design aspect. Tackle them one at a time and you should have a sweet end result.


And you're welcome. 8)

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