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WTB: 8800gt stock coolers or 4pin coolers.

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Hi all,

I have a pair of 8800gt cards that were upgraded with zalman vf900 (3pin) coolers and heatsinks before I bought them.

I have the fan speed controllers too, but the are also 3 pin.




I want to buy two stock coolers so that i can use the 4 pin header on the cards and tidy up my setup.


I'd be happy to straight swap to the two zalman vf900 + heatsink sets + fan speed controllers, for your stock coolers,

or just buy your stock coolers. Whichever.



They don't have to match; I'm not fussy. As long as they physically fit an 8800gt 512mb and are powered by the card, I'll be happy.

Even if you only have one, please give me a shout.

I'm in the UK and use paypal.


Thanks in advance.

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i have a Asus EN8800Gt , im looking at getting the zalman vf900 , let m know if you have the ram heatsinks also , and if your still interested in a swap..

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