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Pre-modded G4 I/O shields.


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Outer and inner shields for G4 Sawtooth I/O modification to mATX standard. For other G4 models or G3 please PM me for compatibility.


Examples of work:









These are laser cut from 3mm acrylic and can be supplied to order in many colours. Currently in stock colours are the grey and translucent blue colours shown. But virtually any commonly available perspex colour can be made.


How it works:


On a G4 mod. traditionally there is a compromise as the large pillar between the two parts of the I/O bracket often means choosing to either have the audio ports blocked or losing on PCI slot.


With the parts in this kit you can cut or dremel the pillar out to open up the I/O and then finish off the area nicely. The process is to drill out the rivets that hold the original PCI bracket to the door. The front finishing plate has holes that line up with where the rivets were and the rear plate has M3 threaded brass inserts to let you easily put both finishing parts into place. The top part of the original PCI plate needs to be cut to retain the top securing screws. The I/O slot and the PCI openings will be automatically fixed at the correct mATX positions and at the same height as the original G4 cards.


Included in the kit is a laser cut cardboard template that will let you mark up the door to put new PCB standoffs in correct placements for mounting your motherboard.


This relieves some of the stress in making a mod by making these critical steps just a little bit easier. It doesn't solve all your modding issues, but this should make it all a bit simpler for you.


Kit contents:


Cardboard template for marking up where the mobo standoffs can go; inner plate; outer plate.

Note: M3 screws are not included (I'd suggest countersunk M3 screws something like this: http://cgi.ebay.co.u...23#ht_884wt_925 or 20mm versions if choosing non-countersunk) and neither are the PCB standoffs so you would need to source those locally/off eBay).


I am based in europe, so kit costs are in £s but I can quote for postage to wherever you are at whatever the cost is. Payment would be by paypal please.


Costs for this kit are £25 inc. UK postage for coloured acrylics - special offer right now £20 for kit inc. UK postage when made from clear 3mm acrylic that you can then spray yourself to whatever colour you fancy! Please PM me for order enquiries or questions or put questions on this thread.


Thank you.

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