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[solved]Mountain Lion compatible - AppleIntelE1000e.kext for intrel 82579V Networkcard

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hi guys,


i`ve installed Mountain Lion at the moment for some testing.


i can´t find anything in the forum about to get the Intel 82579V network chip to work with 10.8


maybe someone can help me with to get this chip working with ML DP3


the AppleIntelE1000e.kext for 10.7 won´t work, aim still testing to get it working with dsdt and kextutil


so long greetz PumP

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I am using the driver with 82579V ( Intel DZ68DB ) on 10.8dp3. Can you use it with 10.7 ?

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no problem on 10.7.3 with your kext hnak


if i take the AppleIntelE1000e.kext in the system from 10.8DP3 i can't boot, and if i want to load it with kextutil / kextload i got an error message.


can u upload your newest .kext file that i can test these one, maybe you have a newer version, thanks

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It's exactly the same version as I uploaded here (1.11.3a).

I cannot access the PC during weekend. I will recheck next week.

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ok so lang thanks for the infos i`ll try to get this one working with ML

if u got something new i would be pleased if u give me some infos






ok i got the network now working with the new .kext rev. 1.11.3a in Mountain Lion Dp3 ( +Software Update - 12A193i )


i think i had used an old one before


thanks for help


so long greetz PumP

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