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Lion on HP 8540w


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Hi all,


I have just finished the installation of hackintosh on my laptop based on Lion


Installation was easy and laptop is up and running.


Bluetooth is working fine I was able to establish a internet connection over PAN


By the way I do not have any :

- audio

- ethernet / wifi

- screen resolution/display correctly set

- a way to use the keyboard and trackpad of my laptop. For the moment I have a keyboard + mouse connected to USB



Is someone can help me to fix these issues and thanks to provide me a detailed procedure to enable them. I'm newby on mac-on-pc


Many thanks



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Wifi - is hopeless. There are no OSX drivers for it.


Ethernet- Download Kext Helper b7 at the bottom of this page: http://cheetha.net/

Download the driver from this page: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=205771


Double-click on each of them to unzip them.


Double-click on Kext Helper to open it. Look in the AppleIntelE1000e folder and find the 10.6-7 folder. In that folder is AppleIntelE1000e.kext. Drag that kext and drop it into the top window of Kext Helper. At the bottom of Kext Helper, enter your password. Click on the EASY INSTALL button.


Reboot and you should have ethernet.


Audio - need info from Windows if you can boot into Windows. Go to Device Manager. Find Sound. Click the little arrow beside sound. For each item you find there, do the following:


- Right click on the item and choose Properties

- Click on the Details tab

- In the pop-up menu, select Hardware IDs

- Provide the 4 digit hex code beside VEN_ and beside DEV_


Video - try downloading and installing the Quadro drivers from Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.co...f01-driver.html


Try booting with boot flags -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes


Keyboard - download the following kexts and install them using Kext Helper: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jpmcbvxw70hxdy9

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Thanks a lot for your help. Graphics is fine now but I have to find where to set all time the flag GraphicsEnabler because for the moment I has to put it all time. For Keyboard everything is also working.


Touchpad/Trackpas is still out and ethernet too.

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Thanks ref for your amazing support


Audio is working now and I automatically boot with GrahipcsEnabler=Yes.


Now only my trackpad still not working but that's a huge step I have made in my install as I'm enjoying MAC on PC now.


Just got a question. I have installed Lion and what about the update of softwares. update center propose me to upgrade some SW and others but is it safe in case of there is a Lion update or it's better to only update all SW excluding Lion ?




It also seems that video is working but performance are poor when you looking at a full screen video

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One more question, Is there any way to start Ralink Wireless SW automatically ?


System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> click on YOU


In the right side, click on Login Items tab, click on [+], select Ralink.

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