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I have found something weird with the backlight function, well it's works fine, but the max brightness level isn't enough (about 80 or 90%)


When the Mac wakes from sleep, the Brightness becomes higher than before (100%)


In IOReg, i watched the "AppleBacklightDisplay", his property "IOPowerManagement" has 2 values before the standby : (CurrentPowerState & MaxPowerState)



After the Wake, the property "IOPowerManagement" has 3 values : (CurrentPowerState, DevicePowerState & MaxPowerState)



The Mac is under Ac Power not Battery, my DSDT is Patched.


Any Ideas ??


Thank you.

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Very interesting, sure many people have the same report. And another example, when I put the display to sleep, or goes automatically to sleep (only the LID screen device) and wake up, it show three values. Not before. BUT maybe is normal? should be the expected behavior in a genuine macbook pro or Air with the HD 3000 GPU? Therefore, I think we need to compare IOREGS, before sleep and after wake, from the MBP8,1 and/or MBA4,2 of course running Lion.

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Mine is 8,1 Smbios definition.


I Found another weird thing !!


When i keep my mac only on AC adapter (i remove the battery) and i (re)boot, once i'm on desktop, going to system preferences --> Energy saver. i can see that the tab is on Battery !!! and as mentioned the display sleep is in 2min, to verify that, i do nothing and about 2min the display sleep comes. When i plug the battery,the tab change to AC Adapter !!! :| (Normally is the contrary should be happen)


I think that something wrong in my DSDT :worried_anim:


If you keep the Ac & Battery and u close the clamshell, after wake, it becomes normal, and the backlight is higher.

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hi tux fire-have a question: how did you work wireless 1701? Can u help me with DSDT I have the same laptop but have I3 cpu. Ty

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I found another weird thing, always battery removed, i put the mac only on AC Power, once on desktop, i check the system properties, the mac show me that the actual source of power is the battery !!!


that explain why i don't have the normal backlight, because after the standby, the backlight become normal and the mac show me this time the actual source power is AC power.


Do you think that the problem is Battery Kexts or from DSDT ?

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Ya I got the same problem on my hp pavillion dv 6 quad core i7 . my backlight display is slightly lower than fully supportes , but when i sleep and get it to wake up the display brightness is complete as in dual booted windows


can someome help

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the problem is that the mac when boot, doesn't check the power statue, and automatically set it to battery. i think it's a DSDT problem but where ?

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did u try talking in irc channels or on tonymac . i was so happy to have qe/ci and gr8 1920 x 1080 resolution but then the backlight problem ,yuhhhhhhhhhhhhh

come on someone find a solution


if i remember right the backlight is alrite on boot screen so probably its with dsdt which i have patches as hp DV6T GENERIC from olarila

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i have hp pavillion dv6 quad core with i7 2670 . i can only run it with chameleon , some problem which i could never solve is to get it woking with chimera .


there are so many posts on hd 3000 that say to install chimera because it suppirts intel hd 3000 natively and works without any dsdt or kext edits .


have u tried installing chimera .


belive me i am 24 hours into getting our problem solved out

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ya i think confirmed the source now

without using snb framebuffer kext the backlight is 100%


when it loads we have the problem


so we require modified kext or some other solution i dont think its the dsdt

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don't worry i use the latest chimera v1.9.2, and i have a native support for my HD3000 (except the pool error in the console)


For the SNB frame buffer, if i delete it, i can't boot correctly, it show me just SNB Framebuffer did not show up, kext unload and the screen still here.

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      I have an HP Pavilion 15-p051us laptop that I have set up as a hackintosh. One of the last things I have not managed to get working is the backlight control.
      I have tried the ACPI Backlight (and Intel Backlight) method by rehabman (this has worked for some people by using Brightness by bergdesign) but it does not work for me. I have also tried the AppleBacklightInjector method mentioned here as well as patching my own by the method here. So far nothing has worked. I have not gotten a slider in the system preferences nor have I been able to change the brightness with the bergdesign app.
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      The backlight worked fine until Yosemite, if i recall. I've tried a zillion methods, including some old GMA950 topics about that issue and also messed with all those darkwake options.
      I've attached my DSDT. It has the following patches: GFX0 -> IGPU, HDA Layout ID 3, Remapping Q8E and Q8F keys (for brightness keys) and Sony Vaio SVE Battery Patch.
      For brightness, I'm using the new method with separate SSDT_PNLF.aml. Brightness slider works fine.
      Also, I have the follwing kexts at Clover's other kext folder: ACPIBatteryManager.kext, CodecCommander.kext (HDA sound after sleep), FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext, FakePCIID.kext, USBInjectAll.kext (without these three, I can't get my built-in webcam and RT2870 usb wifi to work), FakeSMC.kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext.
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      As boot flags, I have: npci=0x2000, dart=0 and slide=100 (with this flag, hibernatemode 25 'full hibernate' works).
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      Buongiorno a tutti,
      ho un problema che mi è apparso sul mio hackintosh sierra 10.12.4 sul mio Toshiba Z30.

      Dopo un cambio di ram (upgrade da 8gb a 16gb) durante il boot la retroilluminazione va a 0.

      - Vedo la schermata del BIOS
      - Vedo la schermata di Clover,
      - Vedo il logo delle Apple ->  quando la barra di caricamento arriva intorno a metà la retroilluminazione inizia a calare fino ad arrivato a 0 di conseguenza ho una schermata nera (in controluce si vede qualcosa, mentre col monitor esterno il video si vede correttamente).

      Sapete cosa può essere?
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      Hi. I am using macos sierra. My graphic cards fully working but backlight dont vork. please help me.
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      Salve a tutti gete, dopo essere (finalmente) riuscito ad aver configurato correttamente ogni singola parte del mio Hack, l'unica pecca continua a restare la retroilluminazione o Backlight.
      Ho provato ad installare i kexts IntelBacklight ed ACPIBacklight, purtroppo con scarsi risultati. In un altro post Gengik84  marco.pisellonio mi hanno aiutato, molto gentilmente e con moltissima pazienza, a configurare tutto quanto in modo corretto, mettendo anche mano ai DSDT.
      Volevo sapere se esiste qualche modo alternativo per ovviare al problema, in questo modo finalmente avrò tutto correttamente funzionante.
      Chiunque potesse darmi qualche dritta a riguardo mi farebbe una gran cortesia, sono alla ricerca di una soluzione da diversi giorni, ma finora nessuna è stata quella corretta.
      Ringrazio anticipatamente chiunque vorrà aiutarmi, nonchè i Moderatori di Sezione per l'aiuto che mi hanno dato fino ad ora e la pazienza mostrata, grazie a voi sto imparando tantissime cose nuove, continuate cosi ragazzi!