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Safari "Activity window" missing

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Ha, no known way to reenable and apparently you and I are the only people who care about this extremely useful feature. I posted the same thing here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277330 quite a while back and got zero replies. On my macbook I uninstalled the Lion Safari preview because of this, but on Mountain Lion that's not an option :( I've decided that I'll have to keep my macbook at the current version and use it when needed, hoping that once ML goes to retail it will get some attention and be fixed or a work around found. I looked through the terminal's defaults write list in DP2 and didn't see anything :(

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I care about this, too.

I didn't reply to this before, because I wasn't convinced it was completely gone.


But, it is really disappointing, as the activity window is very useful and I use it quite a lot.

I suppose it may have been removed, because it's useful for finding the link to download video files and such.


Hope it reappears as a super version of its previous incarnation.



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