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2011 Mac Mini Server running ESXI 5 Update 1 - Problems creating 10.5 & 10.6 VMs

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I have a 2011 Mac Mini Server running esxi 5.0 update 1. I easily installed 10.7.2 (and upgraded to 10.7.3) without using any unlockers, etc.


However I cannot get 10.5 or 10.6 installed (needed for QA). After all my ISOs and DVDs didn't work (ones that came with various Mac Minis), I ordered a retail copy of 10.6.3 from Apple, and that has failed as well.


I read several posts/topics here and followed the steps for getting 10.6 running (getting farther by modifying the cpuid mask.). But after it boots up and gets past the apple screen, it hangs on an all grey screen with the spinning color beachball of doom.


I had even less luck with 10.5, it would boot up then shut itself down.


I also tried first using the 10.7 iso, formatting the VM's HD, then switching back to 10.5 / 10.6.


I read somewhere that using vCenter Server to manage the host might be an issue, so I also tried connecting directly to the host itself but had the same results.


I also tried installing from physical DVDs in addition to using ISOs.



- Is it required to use an unlocker even with esxi 5 update 1?


Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I really thought this would be easier considering it is running on Apple hardware...


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Hi Experts,

I installed ESXI 5u1 on macmini (intel), works well.

To use a old version of 4D, I installed a vmware image of macos 10.4 on vmware desktop 8, works well.

I successfully installed the unlocker patch on ESXi.

But when I upload the vmware image of macos 10.4 to Esxi, still have "Operating System not found". IT WAS A BUG OF ESXI, REBOOT the macmini and vmware image starts !


I now have vmware starting, then the apple grey screen starting and closing indefinitly .... :wallbash:

I can't do boot -v in EFI, but I can view the content of the Macintosh HD and my CD/DVD via EFI.

How to boot my macos 10.4 disk, plz ???



Help, plz. :wink2:

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