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Guild Wars 2 Beta running in 10.6.8

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Here is a screenshot of a wine bottle l created for this fridays Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend, showing the client working in 10.6.8.

Will post some ingame shots nd also some performance details over the weekend. I will also test on Lion to see how it goes.


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Sorry for the delay, but l did get some screen shots, on my Lion 10.7.3 Hackintosh and on my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Performace was quite crappy on both machines but if the graphics are set to lowest it is playable. ATI graphics cards seem to have the most graphic error's in the game but Nvidia seem to display everything quite nicely. In the end l had to use my Win 7 install to get the most out of the beta. I managed to level an Elementalist to 14 but unfortunatly the beta ended before l got to try out any dungeons. PVP was quite fun and very chaotic.


Below is some Lion Screen shots.


post-162201-0-20432100-1335777566_thumb.jpg post-162201-0-30914400-1335777610_thumb.jpg


post-162201-0-90069600-1335777649_thumb.jpg post-162201-0-72724700-1335777702_thumb.jpg


And here are some in game shots from my Macbook Pro running full screen.


post-162201-0-20492700-1335777764_thumb.jpg post-162201-0-55240300-1335778061_thumb.jpg post-162201-0-53252000-1335778076_thumb.jpg

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    • Yup that's fine! Oddly, when rebooting several times it is suddenly gone! Only thing I need to fix is getting 'Headphone' output to work, after sleep. Internal Speakers are working after sleep. I assume to fix this in CodecCommander.kext/ EAPDFix.kext? Anyway thanks for your help!   Yup I have a combo output, so there was something wrong I guess.
    • Nice @yapan4 then we can join forces to make this as good as possible.
    • I had a weird situation, after running great for a while: yesterday I did a reboot and got a KP. Turns out the AstekFusion2Adapter kexts were causing the KP, strange thing is I didn't recall applying any update or a like.  I had to boot with the USB installer, mount the EFI partition to delete the old AstekFusion2Adapter kexts and replaced with the patched version contributed by despeinao. I'm glad the system is working again, not having to reinstall OSX.
    • i think the "red light" you are referring to is that you have a optical SPDIF output (3.5 mm) combo jack. it most likely will be "red" when audio is active. 
    • Domanda , ma il tuo configplist lo ha settato cosi Gengik????
      Noto molte cose atipiche , tipo aperto con Clover configurator nella sezione ACPI il nome DSDT.aml NON è selezionato , quindi in teoria NON dovrebbe caricare il DSDT che hai in Clover ACPI Patch , se usi SSDT x la CPU NON dovrebbero servirti quelle personalizzazioni sempre in configplist sezione CPU ...
      Secondo me dovresti partire da un configplist pulito , xche sempre secondo me c'è rimasto delle schifezze di qualche tool x installare facile    EDIT
      Scaricando il configplist di jolly NOTO ha impostato +o- come intendevo fare io , sistemando quello  sopra elencato e bammmmm NON avvia , mi forniresti x favore Hack info che trovi nella mia firma ???
      Grazie   Ho creato un configplist , se vuoi provare , dovrebbe essere pulito da ogni impurità , se funziona dovrai adattarli tutte le tue personalizzazioni x il boot ..... config.plist.zip