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Suggestions - G31 ES2l Replacement Mobo

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I need a straight across replacement for my G31 ES2L mono that will support more ram - (up to 16 GB if possible). I can use a micro or mini ATX board. Probably need a bigger power supply, I currently have 450 watts.


What do you recommend? My setup:


G31 ES2l Rev 2.1

Intel 9400 Quad Core

nVidia 250 GTS

4 GB ram

Best Buy branded USB 2.0 PCI card

60 GB SSD for applications and system

2 TB internal Seagate HD for files, etc.

Onboard sound and ethernet both working.

Someone else's DSDT that seems to be working just fine.


OS 10.7.3

Chimera 1.9.1


Again, my goal is more ram. I've been told that the G31 maxes out at 4GB. Too much page file swapping right now - I run Parallels/Win XP Pro for one application - Minitab. Seems like a lot of work for one application, and I do 40% of my work in Minitab. Don't feel like learning JMP or any other stat package. I plan on installing as much ram as possible and turning off dynamic paging (or whatever its called)


Anyway - Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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