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SOS: Save Our Slackware?

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Is Slackware in danger of disappearing?


Slackware is the oldest Linux distribution. It is nothing like most modern Linux distributions:


Design philosophy


The design philosophy of Slackware is oriented toward simplicity, software purity, and a core design that emphasizes lack of change to upstream sources. Many design choices in Slackware can be seen as a heritage of the simplicity of traditional Unix systems and as examples of the KISS principle.[12] In this context, "simple" refers to the simplicity in system design, rather than necessarily implying directly attempting the simplification of ease of use. Thus, ease of use may vary between users: those lacking knowledge of command line interfaces and classic Unix tools may experience a steep learning curve using Slackware, whereas users with a Unix background may benefit from a less abstract system environment. In keeping with Slackware's design philosophy, and its spirit of purity, most software in Slackware uses the original configuration mechanisms supplied by the software's authors; however, for some administrative tasks, distribution-specific configuration tools are delivered. These and other core design decisions for Slackware lead to features that set it apart from most other modern Linux distributionsp.



Slackware is much loved by old-school and advanced Linux users. Yet nowadays most prefer easier to use and configure distributions.

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Slackware was the first truly viable Linux distro. At the time I had tried yagsdrasil and some other stuff painfully downloaded from UNC but Slackware could be purchased as a set of disks through the mail. I believe I noted on an earlier post that I ran it on a Zeos 386 notebook and did my homework for a unix/c class rather than wait in line for one of three unix terminals to a sequent computer in the computer lab.


It is still Slackware and still lorded over by Patrick V. It is a very stable and conservative distro. It will work.


I ran down the rumors and looked at various sources. It seems that the main Slackware site is running on an old server. They do have a mirror that can also be accessed. It doesn't seem that they are going anywhere. They are still ranked 16th at distrowatch so there is quite a bit of interest. These rumors will probably give them a boost.


If you have the spare bucks (??? in these times) buy the Slackbook or make a donation. It is a venerable distro and worth saving.



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If you have the spare bucks (??? in these times) buy the Slackbook or make a donation. It is a venerable distro and worth saving.



I couldn't agree more :) I just donated.

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I intend to purchase a set of disks and the 3rd edition of the Slackbook when it comes out of beta, which should be soon. (You can download the beta version from the slackbook page.

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