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How different from Lion, Kexts and Hardware compatibility-wise?

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Hi all,


I plan to install OS X Mountain Lion as it launches "this summer". These are some preparatory rounds (and research) I am doing to make sure my system is compatible and to minimize any surprises (and basically knowing if it is going to be worth the time and effort).


Ok so here goes:


Sys Spec:


Intel Mobo DG31PR with chipset ICH7R


RAM: 2GB DDR2 (It is a 32-bit system but 64-bit is compatible.)


Nvidia 9400 GT 512 ( :o I thought it was 1GB :o ...anyways )


And that's about it.



Problems I had during OS X Lion installation:


BIOS doesn't have AHCI Mode


Optical Drive is IDE/ HDD is SATA


'Before you begin' screen with the 'keyboard not connected' error


Sound really gave me a tough time. Was forced to reinstall the OS 3 times (Lesson learned: Never use Voodoo kexts.)


Post that, everything was as smooth as a hot knife through butter.



Any first thoughts, impressions, (ESP?) that my system will work or not, please be kind enough to drop a comment.


Thanks again!

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Main thing is no 32bit. 64bit kernel and extensions only. If you can run Lion in 64bit then you should be fine. To see if you are currently booted in 64bit, in terminal type "system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType" without quotes. You will see line saying 64bit kernel and extensions with a yes or no. Get whatever kexts and/or hardware you need to make that say 64bit and moving to the Mountains won't be too hard. As for the OS its self--Love It!!!

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