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New Puppy Linux released

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Actually they were released a few day ago:




Puppy Linux is possibly the best known and most loved lightweight Linux distribution.

It is not so light that it is virtually useless. It is just over 100 MB.


When I was a more active Linux user I was advocating a distro which wasn't just very light for the sake of it (and pretty useless), but rather something in between. Puppy is that distro, IMO.


It comes in 2 versions: "Wary Puppy" targeting older hardware. "Racy Puppy" is "Wary on steroids", to suit more recent hardware.

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Puppy Linux is a very nice small distro with a good following. I have been watching it recently since it may be a good candidate for a small version of Linux to run on the Raspberry Pi. Some of Puppy's members are working on an ARM kernel.


I'll have to review TinyCore here. It is very functional, modular, and much smaller than Puppy. These small distros remind of the old days when elegant and small were considered virtues. Computers have so much resources now, bloat is the name of the game.

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