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Strange Kernel Panic

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I am having a strange kernel panic that occurs about 25% of the time on boot. It doesn't give any next as reference, and occurs almost instantly after the Apple logo and spinner arrive. Any ideas?











CPU: i5 2500k

Mobo: Asus P8Z68v-lx

Ram 8GB (2x4GB) Gskill 1333MHz


Using built in graphics

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start booting in verbose mode (-v) so your issues can be better diagnosed. Any overclock?

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There has to be a bit more in verbose as screen above shows UUID, SMBIOS and kernel loaded prior to panic which would be indicated in verbose boot. Looking to see if fakesmc has loaded and DSDT

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Well, I'm not running a user DSDT because I can't find one for my system, so I don't think that could have suddenly broken (if it's been fine for a few days since install).


I'll take another picture next time I boot and it happens :)

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I always just add the verbose flag to org.chameleon.boot.plist so it's always verbose, once system completely stable and running for a while can then remove it if you really like apple logo and spinning thingy, personally verbose is always perfered cause can see other potential issues even if they arent causing a panic. since you can still boot sometimes, u can provide bdmesg log and console log and would be happy to take a look.

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yeah, also got a dsdt for you, but upload keeps failing:( To view your console logs locally, open console app under Application/Utilities/Console.app Actual log file are located at /var/logs/ and are .asl format, system.asl should include boot info, verbose boot does also log additional info into these logs, so it's not just for seeing the boot process live, but can help latter too. /var is a hidden folder by default, under finder menubar click "go" and then goto folder, start typing folder location, it will autocomplete folder names as you type

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for bdmesg which logs chameleon stuff prior to osx logging begining, to view open terminal app also in utilities folder and type bdmesg. to save to txt file type sudo bdmesg > bdmesg.txt


yeah thats the folder


will pm so this thread doesn"t get crazy and confusing to anyone else that happens upon it

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