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Changing old configuration

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Hi guys,

about 3 years ago I successfully installed my hackintosh.

I have a single 500 gb disk with:


/dev/sda1/ --> Windows XP

/dev/sda2/ --> Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x


Now, the MBR record point to sda2 (the active partition) for chamelon 1.x bootloader startup.

When chamelon starts, I can choose wich OS to start, default option is sda2, Max OS X.


Some days ago, using a single, spare disk, I tried to install Lion (using######): everything went fine, the OS works smoothly, so I decided to replace /dev/sda2 old content, formatting the partition and installing Lion.


But.. if I format sda2 and I install Lion, I should lost multiboot functionality. To be clear, I'm not sure if, after first installation and fist applying #####, system will boot on Mac OS X or not..


So, how to proceed?


What I need is to mantain XP on sda1, installing Lion on sda2, installing chamelon 2 (or something different) on sda2. How can I do that? Someone can explain me how to to that? :)




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