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Hackintosh vs hp820


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Hey whats up! Im going to buy this bad boy




I need to be working with OSX software like final cut and c4d. Also need to be managing prores video files. Im trying to figure out the compatibility between the hackintosh method and a system like the hp z820. Im not entirely sure how this works but i would be willing to pay someone to set it up for me, if its doable. Ive done some research but still not sure what the restrictions are. Any help would be appreciated thanks!



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This is not a commercial forum, no one will set your PC up for monitarry compensation here, and even if you were to find someone that would, how would you go about maintaining the installation if you don't know how it was installed?!


If you are not interested in learning about the OS and the caveats involved in running OS X on non-apple hardware I suggest you either stick to a PC with AVID or Premiere Pro, or buy a real mac.


If you require a mac for professional use, I suggest you buy a real mac.


With a hackintosh there is no guarentee, there is no offical support, you are in effect on your own.

If an update comes along in a months time you need to know how to how to backup, apply the update and probably how to get yourself up and running again after the update has affected the installation.


OS X 86 is a hobby project, if one day your machine goes down and you have to get some work to a client the following day, you are on your own. There is ho 'Hack Store' you can walk into and have them recover your data, you need to be fully profficient in this type of recovery yourself.


Saying all that, I use my hack for production but I know what to do when things go wrong as I installed the OS and got everything working myself with help from the community.


The system you have linked to has no detailed specification, you need to know the exact motherboard, graphics card etc.

You will have far fewer issues if you build the system yourself with known compatable hardware.

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