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cpu multiplier issue (turbo mode)


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Hello everyone,


one week ago i installed lion on my pc:


- asus p8p67 evo

- i5 2500k @4.2ghz

- 8gb ddr3

- geforce gtx 460


i have a really strange (minor) issue:


my cpu goes to 3300mhz (33x multiplier) instead of 4200mhz (42x multiplier). in the bios everything if fine and in windows is running at 4200mhz.


in lion the speed stepping is working, even the energy saver features (i can go in stop).


i monitor my cpu with smc monitor.


another really strange thing is that one time out of 10 boots the cpu goes to 4200mhz... i really can't understand why.


have you got any clue? is this happened to someone else?


thank you in advance, and sorry for my english :)


geek bench confirms what i see in smc monitor:


3300mhz = score 9800


4200mhz = score 12000

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Which smbios you use


well, i checked and i was using a mac pro 2008 smbios! now i am rebooting with the correct one (that should be the last iMac bios, which is sandy bride).


i will let you know if that worked!


thank you :)


nothing to do... i rebooted and i am at 3300mhz with the default smbios of the last iMac :(


i added this string:



but it only get better "mac info" nothing more :(

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listen me..but you score geekbench to 4200 is good , wich is your problem?



dato che anche te sei italiano, ti scrivo in italiano :)


allora, il punteggio è buono e rispecchia il fatto che tutto sia installato correttamente, non mi lamento di quello.


il problema è uno ed è che 9 volte su 10 si avvia col moltiplicatore a 33 e non a 42 come dovrebbe (o quanto meno non funziona il turbo), ho usato il punteggio di geekbench solo per confermare quanto rilevato da smc monitor (che mi rileva la freq della cpu in real time).


ho visto che potrebbe essere un problema dello speedstep (correttamente abilitato da bios), come posso impostare manualmente i valore dei p-states? adesso viaggio a 16//33 e, quel famoso riavvio ogni 10, 16//42, il secondo sarebbe perfetto!


grazie di tutto :)


p.s: for the mods, maybe is better to move this thread in the italian section. sorry

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how is your org.chameleon.Boot.plist file set up?


I have found that you need to put the busratio in the kernel flags <key>kernel flags</key> <string> -v cpus=1 busratio=15</string> instead of as one of the arguments like <key>busratio</key> <string>15</string>.

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