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Cannot install iDeneb 1.6, at start of installation I get a Kernel Panic

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Hello there I'm new of this forum, but many years ago I got a Deneb 1.4 on a HP Laptop PC and I know something about computers. This time, though I tryied everything I read on the net, I can't manage to make iDeneb 1.6 work on my computer.


These are the components of my computer


Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB DDR5

MoBo: Asus P8P67

RAM: 2x Corsair Vengance DDR3 1666MHz 4gb (So I have 8GB of ram)

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k LGA 1155

Hard Disk: Samsung (I don't remember the name, forgive me but I already started the installation and I can't enter in Windows 7, so I can't check the name) 320GB (the partition where I wanted to install iDeneb is 70GB and is set as active)


Any help will be appreciated!


I already put the AHCI mode in the bios, but everytime I try to start I get this:


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Thank you for the reply, but for now I'm blocked, is there way to get rid of that problem and continue the installation with iDeneb or it won't work on my MoBo?

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Ok, so I have to download another mod or use the method you linked. Mmm, I prefer an already modified system like iaktos, because I don't have a mac or a friend with a mac :0


Which modified osx do you suggest?

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iAtkos S3v2 for Snow Leopard and iAtkos L2 for Lion. iDeneb 1.6 is Leopard and the Sandy Bridge systems aren't supported by Leopard.

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Perfect! Thank you mate! I am really happy, you helped me. See ya soon on insanely mac (obviously for the kext :D )

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