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Kernel panic, spotlight?


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Hi guys,


i'm under 10.6.4 by over a year, never a problem except for this days. Some time ago i disabled spotlight because is very very slow to build my index of hdds. Absolutely no problems. But many times i need to search something and i decided to enable and do this {censored}in index. I had a 2tb hd and 2x 74gb (did a raid0) hdds.


My partition tab is:


900 gb (called A), 1tb (called B) and 2 partitions for windows (40 gb and 8gb less or more) (called C and D).

130gb less or more for snow leopard (called E).


After a couple of week i with the help of macpilot that help me to select and enable each partitions, i did the index for spotlight of the partitions: A, C, D and E.

After a week (only for the partition of 1tb (the B) today my leopard going to kernel panic.




Is there a method to know where my system fail? Maybe i can delete or move that files.

Always if this is the problem.


Or is possible to locate the problem and why leopard going to kp? A script log, or any else.

Thanks for the help, guys.





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