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[Solved] Windows 7 can't hibernate.

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Hey guys, I have Lion working and Chameleon is set as the bootloader. I boot into Windows via Cham but Windows can't hibernate. I have it installed on one HD.


Here's how I installed it:

  1. Installed Windows 7
  2. Install Lion on top of it under a partition.
  3. Boot broke and I got boot0 errors so I had to manually install Chameleon. (I have one of those 4kb harddrives)
  4. So it all works now. When I turn it on boot0 flashes and Chameleon loads.

So what could I do? I am thinking to set the Windows partition active... but then Chameleon wont load and Ill have issues booting into Lion.


Kinda confused. Help?


Thanks :)

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Ah the joys of MBR, 4k sector drives and Windows requiring an active partition..


This is a known issue. In addition to not being able to hibernate, you will not be able to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1.


When installing Chameleon, use boot0md instead of boot0/boot0hfs.



Chameleon doesn't have to be on an active partition.

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I too have been experiencing the same problem, hoping you guys could help.

Windows 7 won't go into hibernate, it just turns black for a bit then comes back on. This can be annoying if I forget, shut it into sleep, and 10-20 minutes later it goes from sleep to hibernate and just turns right back on.


I've restored the MBR to the default Windows 7 loader, and then Windows 7 successfully hibernates.

I then used a live CD to go into my OSX partition and used Chameleon Wizard to install the newest Chameleon to boot0md.

I then went back into Windows 7, tested hibernate, and it doesn't work again.

I've used Easeus partition master to check if windows 7 is active, but it's status is "boot" so for that reason I can't change it to active. Any other partition on my drive I can change to active.

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