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GTS 250 Black Problem


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ok so i have searched and search for this problem found a few threads old ones and none of it works, my problem is this. i have a 17 2600K with a giogabyte UD3H-B3 board everything works the 3000 GPU fine, but i have my GTS 250 card 1GB and it jsut wont work on lion, it used to then i bought a new monitor and updated my mac ad now after the grey apple screen my monitor goes black then sleep, it works fine in SL but not in Lion 10.7.3 i had tried so many things and nothing will work. when i boot into mac using my 3000 the Mc sees the graphics but gives no info on just name, and Vram 1mb lol which isnt right here is a pic. can anyone get this to work PLEASE, the 3000 sucks lol. liek i said if i try to use it as a primary when booting up i can black screen after grey out apple



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