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Question/Request DSDT Dell Studio 1558

Alexander Alaimo Di Loro

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I own a Dell Studio 1558 with the following specs:


Core i7 7200

ATI HD 5470m

1080p Internal Display


by now, I managed to install Mac Osx Lion 10.7.2.

My graphics is working QE/CI on Full Resolution, but It didn't work the same way as described by other 1558 owners.

My Internal Monitor kept getting recognized as secondary, so I decided to synchronize the vga output with the Internal display even though there is no external display connected.

Now, that everything seemed to work, I noticed, that when scrolling oder switching between spaces the whole image of the screen seems so be split in two Rows of which one hangs back for a few houndred milliseconds.

I suppose that could've something to do with Duallink?

Another Problem and thats the main reason why I write this request is that Sleep seems to work but waking up from sleep only wakes up everything except for the display with stays black.

with sleep i mean"left klick on apple" and then (I'm from germany and my English teacher wasn't ever proud of me) "Ruhezustand" . I don't know if there is a different between hibernation and sleep.

I only know that hibernate to disk and hibernate to disk and ram works as described above, and hibernate to ram only will end in a kernel panic.


I hope, someone could look over my dsdt, the glitch with the graphics isn't that important for me, but sleep would be very nice thanks in advance.


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