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HardwareUUID changes! System preferences reset!

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thanks for your reply

If you have followed the posts before, you will notice that ever since I put the SMsystemid string in my smbios file I only have two UUIDs

Before SMsystemid was written to smbios, there are more than 10 different UUIDs


I'll post my bdmesg below everytime I boot my mac

Last not the least , thanks


Edit 1:

I choose restart in windows and boot into mac

UUID: 08D4626F-CED7-5C02-9881-1A3B5048F324 (almost every time I boot from win to mac, UUID changed to this value )

Here is the bdmesg1 : bdmesg1.rtf

Edit 2:

Funny thing : When I restart my mac and boot in mac again, UUID changed to 0A9B31EF-114C-520E-B979-6E17453F35EC (also ,almost every time restart mac and boot in mac)


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Thanks Meklort for clearing up the confusion, and p.H., sorry about the mess!


I guess SystemId goes in org.chameleon.Boot.plist then?


Can you post a link to the diff or revision or whatever in the Trunk source where this went in? I'll correct my posts on the first page.

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Even if it's SystemId that really matters, I've tried this before!

But you know , the problem still exists. :(

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p.H, how did you try to use SystemId (do note that not only is it case sensitive, but what follows must be in a very specific format (such as 5A180000-0000-0000-0200-000C02021001).


I don't know what revision it was changed in, but it's been that way for a while. Check http://forge.voodoop...saio/fake_efi.c, line 493. It states that the kSystemID define is used, which is defined as "SystemId" in boot.h. Actually, looks like in the diff posted on the first page is when it was changed, commit 29.

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Yep, I have followed the format.

Maybe I should try SystemId again

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Anybody has idea for this UUID down in SystemPreferences-Users&Groups ?



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This is UUID for the User account, not related to Hardware UUID.

Thanks for answering. I've already solved this issue long ago :D

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      Sorry if I posted this on wrong section, but I trying to change my system-id to get imessage working, and I found out that there is an option called "SystemId" for org.chameleon.boot.plist, to change the system id manually.
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