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Thinkpad x220i

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hi all,


starting right now to make a good config from this nice laptop,


i've found a lot of informations from chinese site,


now i've :

- HD3000 video working (but unknown in system profile)

- trackpad (but not the red buttons)

- sound with applehda patch and layout, with automatic switch between speakers and headphones

- contrast slider

- wifi with DWA121 tiny usb adapter

- and last chameleon


feel free to add features,


what we need now is :

- to show the correct HD3000 in system profile

- make the red button trackpad working

- external video output test


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Hi all,



i've got an x220i, everything work but my pb is USB after sleep.

I've made the DSDT usb patch, but after sleep, USB is not recognized anymore, even if i un plug then plug again devices, please i need help :)


Perhaps its a bios config issue, or something else,


i add my dsdt, you'll see the correct usb patch


Thanks for any help ;)

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