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Help with partitioning on MacBook


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I'm new to Mac though I have a lot of experience with Windows systems, this means I have a tendency to think about things in a Windows kind of a way!


Wanting to know more about Macs and OSX I purchased a used Macbook with Lion.


Part of the learning process I wanted to go through was a clean install of Lion. I have it on bootable DVD and using this method I erased the existing OSX disk and then attempted to run the Lion installer.


However, when the Lion installer asks me to select a disk for installation I have NO options available to me. I assumed that I needed to create a suitable partition using the Disk utility first (various posts also indicated this) but I have no options available to me here.


All the disk utility shows is disk 1> Mac OSX base System which has a fixed partition size of 1.52GB. All options under First Aid, Erase, Partition and Restore are greyed out - in effect I have no options available and there is nothing to adjust.


Where has all my unpartitioned space gone??? If this were a Windows install it would show unallocated space and allow me to partition it - why on earth doesn't it allow me to do this?


How can I find and use all my unallocated space?


Any help MUCH appreciated



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