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iLife11 Installation Problem On SL

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    • By Allan
      Good news for iLife and iWork fans! Bad news if you spend money...
      We have all the creativity and productivity apps for free. But it's not all of us that will enjoy of this, take look the system requirements.
      The last versions of these apps are only compatible with the following OS X:
      GarageBand - 10.10.4 or later
      iMovie - 10.11.2 or later
      Pages, Keynote and Numbers - macOS 10.12
    • By hellomydearfriends
      I got a copy of iLife 11 from eBay and i checked it to see if it is legit, and it was. So i mounted my drive to the VMWare to the Hackintosh Sierra and it loaded fine but i found out the GPU wasn't compatible. And i read that: VMWare is using a fake GPU emulation where it can't use the hosts GPU and tell that it might have Quartz thing on there so Mac's can't know if this hardware was used. So... Is there a great VM program for Windows? And yes i'm using Windows since i the PC's i have don't have compatible Wi-Fi drivers so the VM only was my choice to get online and use it as my daily basis.
    • By natgab
      The myHack installer works great in my 2010 build.

      Just need some help regarding the software updating.  I was able to install Mavericks 10.9 using myHack onto my current 10.7.5 build as an in-place install. Didn't even have to re-install applications. 

      I was able to go to the App Store and upgrade to Mavericks 10.9.2, without asking for an Apple ID.  But when I wanted to update the iLife and iWork applications it asked for an Apple ID.  If I entered my Apple ID, it says it does not recognize my Mac.  Since there no longer is a way to download from the Apple website, how can I update?  Will hacking the " About this Mac " fix the problem?  Previously under Lion 10.7.5, I saw my specs correctly but ID the build as a Mac Pro.  Now it is not even reading my CPU GHz correctly.  Thanks

      EDIT:  added topic tag with my motherboard for clarity. marked solved.
    • By Grimreapings
      I have an Hp omni 100 5151 all in one desktop with iAtkos v7, and I installed iLife 09, everything works except garageband, everytime I click on it, it starts to load, then the kernel panics and I have to restart....Is there a fix for this?
    • By bluehydra
      I have just setup a working 10.6.3 with iATKOS S3 on an old machine (Intel 946 GZ, Pentium D, 2 GB Ram, nVidia 210).
      Now I am trying to install iLife '11 form a img DVD but, after the license agreement and the install option choice, I receive an "unknown error" at the very beginning of the installation process.
      Since iLife '11 requires 10.6.3 or better, I can't understand why it doesn't work. Any suggestion?
      Thank you in advance. Regards.