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Repeating initialization after "Create Your Computer Account"?


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Using a combination of U ni B eas t and some files I had from DP4, I've managed to go through the installation steps OS X Lion 10.7.3 on an eMachines eME 725-4520.


Upon rebooting after installation, I'm prompted with the "Welcome" screen to set it up. I selected the country, keyboard layout, left the default of "Cable Modem", left the optional unfilled "Your Internet Connection" fields, selected "Don't transfer now" for the "Transfer Information to This Mac", skipped the "Enter Your Apple ID" and "Registration Information", and ended up at the "Create Your Computer Account" form.


After I filled that form out and clicked "Continue", the screen became blank for a few seconds and I was brought back to the initial "Welcome" screen and the process repeats again.


Any suggestions as to what I may have missed and what might be causing this?



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