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Mac OS X Snow Leopard on ASRock A330ION

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I've installed Mac OS X 10.6.8 on ASRock A330ION.


Bootloader: Chameleon 2.0 RC3

E/E: Disabler, OpenHaltRestart

S/L/E: FakeSMC (with CPUi & FakeSMCIntelThermal plugins), VoodooHDA + VoodooHDA.prefPane

Boot setting (attachment)

BIOS version: 1.40

CPU: Intel Atom N330

Graphics: nVidia GeForce 9400M

Sound: VIA VT2020

RAM: 2GB Kingston DDR3 1066


WLan: Sitecom USB (RTL8192SU)

BIOS setting:

Onboard GPU Clock: Manual (550, 1300)

CPU No-Excute Memory Protection: Disabled

CPU Hyper Threading Technology: Enabled

Share Memory: 512MB

Suspend to RAM: Disabled

ACPI HPET Table: Enabled

SATA Operation Mode: AHCI

Serial Port Address: Disabled

Legacy USB Support: Auto

CPU Fan Setting: Full On


Graphics QE/CI: work

LAN: work

WLan: work with RTL driver

Sound: VoodooHDA work with VoodooHDA.prefPane to reduce noisy

Restart: work


No work:

Shutdown - the fan is still running

Sleep - never wake up


Help: Anyone can help me to fix the Shutdown and Sleep problem. (well, sleep is not very necessary). Thanks.

Attach DSDT file (within Extra.zip).


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Chameleon 2.0 RC4: must set Legacy USB Support = "BIOS Setup Only" or "Disable"

Chameleon 2.0 RC5: Legacy USB Support = Auto


E/E also = NullCPUPowerManagement, OpenHaltRestart


E/E with EvOreboot = KP


Still got Shutdown/Sleep problem.

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Now solved the Shutdown problem. :hammer: Seep is not very important for me.


Delete DSDT.aml

Install Disabler, EvOreboot*, FakeSMC**, HDAEnabler, IOACPIFamily, PlatformUUID to E/E

S/L/E: VoodooHDA



* OpenHaltRestart instead

** FakeSMC with plugins in S/L/E


You may try 10.7.x compatible Kexts for Lion installation. Good luck!


Atom mach kernel mach_kernel_atom.zip

Extra setting Extra.zip

Extensions files Asrock A330ION Extensions.zip

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Thank you for this package! Had a long day today setting up my Asrock 330 Pro with 10.6.8 v1.1


What finally worked for me:


kernel flags: arch=i386, npci=0x2000

GraphicsEnabler=Yes with latest Chameleon r1995 (2.0 RC5)

Kexts from you last post + DSDT.aml from you extra.zip --> gives me Audio support without VoodooHDA (which is {censored} for this chip, some versions even cause Kernel errors and freezes on my system).

Restart/shutdown works (OpenHaltRestart)

QE/CI works via Chameleon GraphicsEnabler, no EFI string needed

Sleep: not tested

BIOS: 1.2


USB settings:

for navigation in bootloader: USB 2.0 off / Legacy enabled

for normal use and fast USB: USB 2.0 on / Legacy setup only


realized with Digital Dreamers Hackinstaller Script V7.1 (great tool!)

Thank you Alexylee for your package!


Things left:

Sleep (not tested, not important for me)

Audio (works very good, but has less bass than before) Got a second DSDT.aml, which is perfect for audio, but causes random freezes and brakes shutdown.

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Hi Alexylee and "itdoesnotwork",


I still have mine Asrock ION 330 running on 10.6.4.

All seems to work with the exception of sleep but I do not use that.


Now I have connected my HD tv to the Asrock and like to play via plex movies.

720 p it does nice 1080p not so.

Does one of you has the hdmi audio to work?

The optical Audio does work for me but goes to my receiver and I dont want to switch that one on every time I watch something from the asrock.

For sure it is something in the DSDT,aml file that needs to be changed if I only knew what :wink2:


I look forward to get your intel.



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