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How can I specify a flag at boot time?

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How can I specify a flag at boot time?

The procedure varies according to the bootloader:

  • Chameleon with graphical interface: as soon as the countdown appears you have to press any key but return. At that point you select the system you'd like to boot. After doing that, you can type the desired boot flag (e.g. -v). What you type will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. To boot press return.
  • Darwin bootloader / Chameleon without graphical interface: as soon as the countdown appears press F8 to stop it. Select the system you want to boot using the arrow keys. Type the boot flag and press return.
  • Clover bootloader GUI: In Clover we call 'boot args', but is not a big difference that's we can find in Chameleon. For you put an 'boot arg' in Clover GUI, you need go in "Options" and "Boot Args", in this place you can put any flag that you need use. After that, press Enter and the 'boot arg' will be recorded.¬†Go down with the arrow keys of the keyboard to the 'Return' option, and select the partition that will boot.
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