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Darwin 11.2.0 Atom Kernel for HP Minis

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Hello Hackintoshers! :-)


The Credits go to Nawcom for creating the Original Atom diff and Meklort for his Injection Method!

Also this forum here where I found the solution for the lapic_native.c problem! Thank you :D


Some of you who tried to install OS X Lion on a HP Mini 110 may get the error saying that there is a Bug in the file "lapic_native.c" (like me), so I decided to apply Nawcom's diff for Intel Atom Netbooks to the Darwin 11.2.0 Source (OS X Lion 10.7.2), and add the fix used by many other HP Laptops.


Tested on a HP Mini 110 - 3500 - Installing and running 10.7.2 (With iAtkos installer). The Kernel is 18 MB and supports 32 and 64 Bit.

mach_kernel (HP Mini fixed).zip

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so you bought an airport extreme card and replaced your intel card for the airport extreme card? i'm kind of confused, sorry! can you please post some steps of what you did? thanks! :wink2:

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i tried it to boot different installer (mac osx dvd install 10.6/10.7, iatkos L2) with this kernel, i add a mis-matches between kernel and cpu.


netbook: HP mini 210-4000 Atom N2800

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hi duduclx


the Atom N2600/2800 are the 64 bits processors, but the netbooks vendors have disabled the 64 bits mode (via BIOS) on those procs. Why ? Because they don't feel the need to add 64 bit support, because really the netbooks are intended as simple web browsing/light office task machines, and thus don't really need more than 4GB of RAM. Not to mention, 64 bit support might cut into the low end laptop sales, resulting in lower profits for them.


the 11.2.0 kernel is the OS X Lion 10.7.2 kernel, and the OS X Lion needs a 64 bits proc to work. To make your Atom N2800 working with this kernel, you need to find a mod-bios for your netbook and frankly I don't know if there is one for the moment.



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Does anyone know whether this kernel works with the Atom N2600 series ?


Since the HP Mini 110-4100 series PC all use the N2600 Atom CPU, I wonder whether this kernel can work with the OSX installation ??


Looking forward to any experience on that.

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You don't need a patched kernel. What really matters is if your CPU support 64-bit kernel and extensions. If it does, just install the latest Chameleon and remember to choose kernel patcher module under the customization options. That will do, kernel-wise, for all OSX iterations but Mavericks.


All the best!

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