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wake after manual sleep works, but screen dark after wake after auto sleep

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Just when I thought I had it almost perfect system running..... :wink2:


My system sleeps and wakes up without a problem when I manually put to sleep.

but when the system goes to sleep by itself (after whatever the time was set in energy saver), the system goes to sleep, but when I wake it up by pressing key on keyboard or mouse, it wakes up but the screen does not come back.


Currently, I have ACPIMonitor, AHCIportinjector, ElliottForcelegacy, fakesms, radeonmonitor, superIOfamily in extra folder.

I have ATI HD5770 and my OS seems to recognize the card natively and it works fine.


What do I need to get this working or is this normal behavior in hackintosh?


Thanks in advance.

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the native detection of ATI HD is a little tricky.


i had issues, the card was detected OOB, but DVD Player crashed at launch, so i went back to graphicsenabler=yes in chameleon

and now my framebuffer=baboon is set.


Maybe thats your problem too ( with sleep)

but check if DVD Player is working

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If you're using an ATI card and this issue is related to it then I won't be able to help much because I am a GeForce man ;p


but if the DVD player is fine then It sounds like your EHCI/USBs are likely causing the problem. Do you have a custom dsdt made? If so, your system likely doesn't agree with the setup for those devices and is causing the screen wake hang. Hope it helps :)

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Thanks for your replies.

I do have sleepenabler 10.6.8.

My DVD player is working fine.

I am using AMD and ASUS M4A78T-E, so no DSDT is available. I have too many errors and gave up.

I am going to give a shot by changing my flag with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and FrameBuffer set to Vervet manually and going to try it. I will update after.

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