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Asus 1215N iAtkos L2 Guide

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Well i finish to install iATKOS L2 on 1215N


make a USB min 8 GB via disk utility



boot from it F8 write: mach_atom


*Chameleon 2.1

*Graphics Enabler

*PCI Root-1

*32 bit

*Built in Ethernet

*Fake SMC


*RTC 32-Bit


*IOPCI Family

*Atom Kernel

*Voodoo HDA 2.1 (with others audio is noisy)

*PS2 (delete all PS2 kext from E/E and S/L/E before install my pack for tackpad)


boot with you HDD this time without any flag u will enter the Lion 10.7.2 easily

i have

BCM4313 WIFI/BT combo (down't work) installed some kext from here and there but nothing to do can't detect it, BT works out of box

GMA 3150 detected 64mb (don't work)

ION Detected (don't work )

Atheros 9285 works with kext in package blow IONetworkingFamily

Trackpad works with package blow info here : http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=1448



install Cameleon Wizard 4.1 http://www.insanelym...pic=257464&st=0


to change your resolution to 1366X768X32



package u need




some pics from system hope someone help us to make vga and wifi works








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I used the guide above for the install but also chose the laptop battery driver at install. I was able to get the stock LAN (AR8152) and Wifi (AR9285) working with the kexts in the zip linked to below. I used Kext Wizard to install the kexts and then repaired disk permissions and rebuilt the system cache.


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