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Acer Aspire One:OSX 10.6.8 and XP: HOW?

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I just get me a second hand Acer Aspire One ZG5, which I wanted to use mainly as a OSX netbook.

Without any problem I manage to install OSX 10.6 and then upgraded to 10.6.8.


When installing OSX I divided my HDD in 2 partitions. 1st one for XP and 2de one for OSX. (GUID)


I want to install XP because I need it to use a OBD program for my car.

But somehow I just can't install XP next to OSX.


After trying to use a USB stick to install XP (something I just could not make it work, no idea why)I borrowed a USB DVD drive.


When I start the XP installation, everything goed well, I manage to point the partition I want to use, and files start to copy.

After this is doen, Acer needs to re start but then I do get a missing Hal.dll error. Therefore I am not able to continue installing XP.


I know that the hal.dll error has to do whit the boot.ini file, but have no idea how to enter this file as XP is not installed yet.


Hopefully some one can help me install XP.

Wonder if I need to use a different path to get this to work, or am I doing it the way it should?


Most of guides I found are for dual boot with windows 7. Dual boot with XP are mostly whit OSX 10.5

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OK: I manage to solve the hall.dll problem. Solution: XP on USB stick (made with wintoflash) and then I edit the boot.ini (changed 1 partition to 4)


But now when all files are copied I do get a message:


Windows can not be started due to drive configuration

Can not read assigned boot disk

Check pad to boot location and check drive


Again, this only happends when OSX is already installed or used OSX DVD to partiton my drive in 2 (GUID)

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I can only tell you ,you cannot instal windows xp and max os .You coud instal windows 7 no problem.I my self itstall mac os 1 and then try to install xp and it give me a blue screen error.In bios the parttion scheme( i think that was its name) was set to ahci insted of native ide (ore somthing like that) i cant remember.But the point is windows xp is a older version and thos not support the parttion scheme that mac os x uses, but windows 7 thoes.You can try serching the net for a windows xp with integreated sata drivers ore somthing like this.Just check in the bios whot partition sheme are you ussing.

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As I know Windows XP doesn't support GUID. You need MBR partition scheme or install Windows 7 instead. XP x64bit may read GUID partition table, but just read only.

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