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Triple monitors on 6870 - doesnt enable all three at boot?

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One of the annoyances with my Lion Hackintosh is that at boot time the machine doesnt "wake up" all 3 monitors. I have 2 connected to DVI/HDMI (1 each) ports with the 3rd on a DP.


It clearly detects the display as i can mouse over to it and drag windows onto it even though its asleep (monitor power saving), and the monitor wakes up at BIOS time as it is used by the GFX for display then. But only sleeps after OSx86 has booted.


If i unplug and replug in the DP connector it brings up all 3 bright as day and will continue like that until a reboot.


Any ideas on how to get it to wake up the third monitor at boot time?

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Yes, had the exact same problem with Powercolor Radeon 6870. Solved by adding:


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



to my org.chameleon.Boot.plist file.


I've got two monitors on mini display port and another on HDMI. When I boot up, I only see the apple logo appear on two monitors, but as soon as I reach the login screen the third monitor comes online and everything looks perfect - I get the central monitor with the login window and the monitors either side show that grey fullscreen fabric-like pattern. Beautiful.

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hey guys, maybe you can help me with this problem:




PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 AX6870 1GBD5-2DH Video Card with Eyefinity

Chipset Manufacturer: AMD

Core Clock: 900MHz

Stream Processors: 1120 Stream Processors

Effective Memory Clock: 1050MHz (4.2Gbps)

Model #: AX6870 1GBD5-2DH


I'm on a hackintosh Asus P8Z68V-Pro with unlocked bios 3402, core 7 2600k, 16gb ram


On boot, I get garbled screen on the monitor linked to displayport 1 (with active adapter). The other 2 work fine.


Sleep/Wake or disconnecting/reconnecting one of the displayports fixes the borked display. Setup is: monitors working in DVI1, DVI2, displayport 1 (with active adapter).


I´m on Mountain Lion GM.


chameleon just have GE=yes, Gibba (modded to fix the other ports, bug already occurred before the modding with original kext) and ATIPorts=5.


Any clues on whats wrong?

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Hmm. Well that's exactly the same graphics card as I'm using.


I've literally just done a fresh install of OSX using ######/###### and I'm experiencing exactly the same video card behaviour as when I previously installed the OS using Kakewalk (Interestingly the Kakewalk installation had lots of annoying issues which have been solved by using ######/###### instead, and this installation feels a lot more responsive too...)


I've never been able to get video on all three monitors with two of them plugged into DVI. In fact, I can't get any video out of the bottom DVI port. I've tested the top DVI, HDMI and one of the display ports as a working combination, and also the two display ports plus the HDMI.


As I said above, whether installing by ######/###### or with Kakewalk, adding the Graphics Mode key to the chameleon plist file solves the issue of one monitor not waking up on boot. That's literally all I've had to do in terms of making my card work. I get garbled screens if I try to use three monitors during the OS installation, but I've never seen that happen otherwise.


Possibly significant differences between our setups are:


1) You're using Mountain Lion, I'm using Lion.

2) I don't know what this ATIPorts = 5 thing is, I can't see any such key in my plist files.

3) Our motherboards are different, but I doubt that's the issue if you've got a working DSDT.


Hope that's vaguely helpful.


(the hashed out words are the uni word and the multi word, both beastly.)

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